Articles of Association of Asian Historical Economics Society


Article 1 The name shall be the Asian Historical Economics Society.
Article 2 The Society is established for the objectives of promoting the spread of Asian and global economic history and academic research presentations related thereto, as well as encouraging friendship and cooperation among researchers.
Article 3 Those who agree to the objectives of the Society and wish to become new members shall submit a prescribed membership application.
Article 4 The name shall be the Asian Historical Economics Society.
Article 5 A member who pays the prescribed membership fees may freely participate in general and sectional meetings and other business of the Society.
Article 6 The Society shall hold a general meeting of members every two years, in principle, and special meetings as necessary.
Article 7 At general meetings of members, trustees and auditors shall be elected.
Article 8 The number of trustees shall be ten or less. These trustees shall comprise the board that executes the business of the Society. One trustee shall become the president. A number of trustees shall become executive trustees. The president shall represent the Society, exercise control over its business and call general meetings of members and meetings of the Board of Trustees. Executive trustees shall assist the president, act on behalf of the president in the event the president is prevented from performing duties, and oversee the implementation of resolutions adopted by the general meeting and the conduct of the Society's daily business. The number of auditors shall be two or less. These auditors shall conduct audits of the accounts of the Society.
Article 9 The term of trustees and auditors shall be four years; providing the holding of such posts concurrently shall not be precluded.
Article 10 The Board of Trustees may nominate a limited number of administrators for the execution of the business stipulated in Article 3 hereof. The Board of Trustees may also organize committees as necessary. The Board of Trustees shall appoint these committee members.
Article 11 Society's headquarters is established in Tokyo.
Article 12 Expenses incurred by the Society shall be paid using membership fees, business revenue and contributions.


Supplemental Provisions: Any revision of the Articles of Association of the Society shall be made by resolution of a general meeting of members. The Board of Trustees shall determine the bylaws necessary for the execution of the business of the Society and any change in membership fees due to effects of changing prices.

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